Clini Counsel team has a cumulative experience of more than 10+ Years in Regulatory affairs. Over years, our experts have been Behind breakthrough Food License approvals by helping Food Regulatory companies from India and the World with a clear Regulatory Pathway for Successful Launch of their products under Food Businesses in India.

Over the years, we have forged an in-depth understanding of the rules laid down by the FSSAI through careful monitoring of the changing laws and constant professional liaison with apex regulatory bodies of India. Our committed team of FSSAI registration experts is constantly prepared for challenges and changes in order to help you achieve your goal along with our license without any hassles. All matters related to FSSAI license, registration, compliance and import assistance is handled by us at CliniCounsel with strategic planning and technical acumen.


Getting an FSSAI license is not enough. One must comply with the Food Safety and Standards Regulations. There are several guidelines and regulations under FSSAI which keeps on updating. This makes it difficult for the Food Business operators in India to keep themselves updated. We provide authorized support to our clients for the FSSAI compliance of their food products and facilities in India. Being a consultant, we offer the complete guidance and solutions in following systems:

Compliance check for formulas

Analysis of product formula and/or ingredients are required to ensure the use of approved ingredients and additives within their permissible limits as per the Food Category laid down by FSSAI in respective regulations and standards. We also ensure the RDA compliance of nutrients as per the product’s category and claims.

Label and Claims Validation

There are numerous regulations for food packaging and labelling to be followed in India as set by FSSAI. All the food business operators in India need to comply with the minutest details of these regulations. We assist our clients in ensuring compliance of the label as per the Packaging and Labeling Regulations by FSSAI.

The claims on products and ingredients for labeling and advertisement purpose are also restricted by a set of regulations with certain provisions. Our team provides guidance and support for the validation of claims as per the required standards.

Claims Substantiation

Understanding the need of the product, we assist our clients in the substantiation of required claims for labeling and advertisement purpose. We also help them conduct trials on their specific products including functional foods for the required purposes.

Categorization of Products/Ingredients

Based on the formula analysis and its intended use, the product has to be categorized as per the Food Categorization System and Standard categories mentioned under the Food Safety and Standards Regulations. We enable the food business operators to categorize their products in the appropriate category as per the intended use, which enables them to make the right claims.


In India, it is a legal requirement for all food business operators to have an FSSAI-issued premises licence according to the nature of their operations. We assist our customers in every step of the process of getting an FSSAI Licence or Registration.
We assist FBOs, such as manufacturers, importers, re-packers, re-labelers, retailers, caterers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, wholesalers, storage units, food transporters, canteens, food processing units and any other food business operators in the food chain, in obtaining a licence depending on the activity, size and scale of the business through our extensive network and professional liaison with the Regulatory Authorities.

Modification, renewal, and getting a duplicate licence are additional services we offer.


FBOs that manufacture or import the products falling outside the purview of established Food standards and categorization system, are required to file an application for the Non-Specified Food Product or Ingredient Approval with FSSAI in the applicable category: